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Make learning easier with the Wranx mobile app for Android and iOS

Mobile Learning , October 25 2017

Following our introduction of Certainty Based Marking to the Wranx platform, we’re pleased to say that the platform is now available as a mobile...

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Spaced repetition, gamification and microlearning: a glossary of terms

E-learning has done a huge amount to reduce the cost of training for businesses, make it easier for them to deliver and make it more convenient...

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What makes mobile learning so effective?

Mobile Learning , August 01 2017

Mobile learning took off with the growth of mobile connectivity and the proliferation of mobile devices. Anyone with a mobile device – like a...

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The rise of mobile

Mobile Learning , March 17 2016

Ever since the advent of the Internet and the proliferation of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, the way we access and acquire new...

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How to create a great content strategy for mobile

Mobile Learning , December 29 2015

One of the reasons why e-learning took a little bit of time to be accepted as a genuine training solution is because it introduced new and novel...

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The Evolution of Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning , September 13 2014

Mobile learning in the workplace is the future. In the next ten years, mobile learning will not be considered a choice, but a necessary mode of...

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Sales Team Training - The 5 Challenges of Training a Mobile Team

Mobile Learning, Sales , September 10 2014

Sales team training is a long-term investment with a number of challenges that multi-national corporations, SMEs, start-ups, sales directors,...

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