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The benefits of translating e-learning courses

E-learning, Health and Safety , October 08 2015

Thanks to the truly global nature of the Internet and the rapid advancement of technology, it is possible for any business regardless of its size...

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How, when, and why did microlearning become so popular?

Microlearning , October 05 2015

In many respects, the theory behind microlearning is not a new one. As a matter of fact, it has been a legitimate learning technique for quite...

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Which learning solution is right for you?

Best Practice , October 01 2015

No matter what industry your organisation occupies or how many members of staff you employ, training can afford extensive advantages. But while...

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What Wikipedia can't tell you about gamification

Gamification , September 07 2015

Be honest, how many times have you conducted a search on Google for a piece of information about someone or something and ended up on Wikipedia?...

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Doing corporate e-learning the right way

Corporate Training , September 03 2015

Despite the fact that numerous companies still prefer traditional methods of training such as classroom-based teaching, the modern alternatives...

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Why having fun at work is important

Uncategorized , August 31 2015

At a fairly young age, the vast majority of us had to decide what we wanted to do for a career. But choosing certain subjects at school and opting...

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5 reasons you should be talking about employee engagement

Uncategorized , August 27 2015

Regardless of an organisation’s size or sector, employee satisfaction is incredibly important. Although each member of staff will be motivated by...

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Training taboos you should break

Uncategorized , August 24 2015

In order to get ahead in the world of business, most companies will have to stand out from the crowd and do something different. More often that...

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How call centres aren't as bad as you think

Uncategorized , August 20 2015

On a daily basis, the vast majority of households up and down the country will receive at least one nuisance telephone call. Regardless of whether...

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The Latest Trend for Corporate eLearning

Corporate Training , July 16 2015

Despite the fact some organisations used to be somewhat sceptical about adopting eLearning for training purposes, the progressive capabilities of...

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