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Confidence Based Learning - Everything You Need to Know

Uncategorized , July 13 2015

Imagine a workforce made up of highly skilled individuals that have a comprehensive grasp of what is required from them on a daily basis. Not only...

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What you’re missing in your employee on-boarding strategy

Onboarding , July 09 2015

Seeing as you can’t put a price on people power, onboarding is an increasingly important priority for numerous businesses in a wide range of...

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Corporate gamification is the hip thing nowadays? Why?

Gamification , July 07 2015

Before we explore the reasons why gamification has taken off in the corporate world, let’s take a step back and explain this term for those...

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Sales Training: What's Better Than A Freebie?

Sales , June 25 2015

It is fair to say that some organisations have a negative opinion of sales training. In addition the money it costs, not all members of staff will...

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Taking Your Customer Service To A New Level

Customer Service , June 22 2015

Regardless of an organisation’s size or sector, customers need to keep coming through the door in order for it to survive and thrive....

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How to teach consultative selling

Sales , June 18 2015

For those who haven’t heard of the term before, consultative selling is when a salesperson acts as a consultant to prospects, asking questions...

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Finding the right training service for your employees

Corporate Training , June 15 2015

It is understandable why any business would want to puts its workforce through training. From increasing their product knowledge and business...

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The importance of hotel sales training

Sales , June 08 2015

As opposed to organisations such as automotive dealerships, real estate agents and retail outlets, hotels are in the business of selling...

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The key to international sales success

Sales , June 04 2015

Due to single marketplaces made possible by national governments as well as the extensive and influential nature of the Internet, we are now...

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Medical Device Sales Training: What is the right strategy?

Sales , June 01 2015

You would think that because medical products and devices are sold with the best intentions and provide essential assistance to countless...

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