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The 2015 CIPD Survey: Lessons to be learned


'Don't worry, it's only a game.' It's more fun to compete

We all know one. We've all got one. They're everywhere. A family member or friend, so obsessed with their lifelong passion, their all encompassing...

Maintaining employee engagement: New solutions for an old problem

Its the age old question, the age old issue. The question of employee engagement, the why, and the how.

Can e-learning 'build the bridge' across the UK's productivity gap?

Productivity in the UK is a notoriously slow moving beast, particularly in recent years. According to the Office for National Statistics,...

The benefits of e-learning can ensure that training is a part of work, and not apart from work

Picture this, if you will.

Driving employee engagement through gamified training: Next level or game over?

So. You're an organisation, a company. You have employees, and they need training. You've invested in the training, and rolled it out across the...

Onwards and upwards: E-learning market size set to grow by up to 5% in the coming years

As more and more organisations embrace e-learning as a valuable tool for growth, the market size shows no signs of slowing down. It could easily...

Project Griffin: What benefits could e-learning bring to emergency training?

Plans have been announced for an extra one million workers based in crowded city centre areas, and sports and entertainment venues to receive ...

The art of bite-sized learning

Astonishing and incredible yet irregular and unpredictable at the same time, the human memory is a funny thing.