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How to make B2B Sales Training more engaging

Sales , April 16 2015

Despite the fact that B2B Sales Training has good intentions, members of staff can struggle to see this. For them, it means being away from their...

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Improving customer service training with e-learning

Customer Service , April 13 2015

Regardless of an organisation’s size or sector, its success will rely on happy and satisfied customers. If treated with respect and given the...

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Can sales training make an impact?

Sales , April 09 2015


From ordering more stock and improving product quality to upgrading essential equipment and opening new premises, there are several areas of a...

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Creating an online presence

Uncategorized , April 06 2015

Back in the good old days of retail, shop owners and chain stores only had to worry about getting customers to walk through the door. This could...

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What are the benefits of customer service training?

Customer Service , April 02 2015

Even though customer service has the potential to boost buyer satisfaction and change someone’s perception of an organisation, it is often...

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Chloe Britton joins Wranx as our Brand Manager!

Uncategorized , March 31 2015

As a new exciting company, Jon Davies was looking for somebody to be the online presence for everything Wranx and thought a graduate would be...

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Key ideas to boost your advertising sales

Sales , March 30 2015

Despite the fact that the majority of sales staff always have a challenge on their hands when it comes to shifting a certain product or service,...

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What is the 'Moments of Need' learning model?

Corporate Training , March 23 2015

When it comes to any sort of instruction, schooling or teaching, thought leaders Conrad Gottfredson and Bob Mosher believe there are five specific...

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Why Continuous Learning is Important in the Workplace

Corporate Training , March 19 2015

Even if you’ve been part of a certain company or specific industry for years, there is a good chance that things aren’t the same as they were a...

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