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When is corporate e-learning most effective?

Corporate Training , December 19 2014

Using electronic media or information and communication technologies for educational purposes is becoming an increasingly popular trend. When it...

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Don't believe corporate gamification works? Read this!

Gamification , December 17 2014

Even if you’re a bit sceptical or unsure about the potential advantages that gamification can afford, there are several instances and examples...

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Corporate training tactics for increasing learner retention

Corporate Training , November 28 2014

If planned and carried out correctly, corporate training can have incredibly far reaching rewards and merits. From increasing employee adeptness...

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Competency-based education

Uncategorized , November 25 2014

In today’s commercial environment, where market conditions are precarious and competition is fierce, there are a number of things that could cause...

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3 ways to improve your technical sales training

Sales, Corporate Training , November 21 2014

At the end of the day, the majority of companies are hugely reliant on sales to achieve success. If you don’t generate sufficient turnover and...

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How a culture of learning impacts business performance

Best Practice, Corporate Training , November 14 2014

If a business finds itself struggling, there are numerous steps and measures it can take. From reducing the cost of certain products and providing...

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Getting Started with Gamification

Gamification, Corporate Training , November 04 2014

Nowadays, we are presented with an abundance of different teaching and learning techniques that aim to improve knowledge acquisition and retention...

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How to measure the effectiveness of your training

Best Practice, Analytics , October 31 2014

Despite the changing economic environment in recent years, it seems like a great deal of businesses remain committed to learning and development....

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Training and its impact on employee retention

Corporate Training , October 28 2014

According to a report carried out by Oxford Economics, replacing members of staff costs £30,614 on average per employee. This is due to the cost...

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