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Retail sales training via mobile

Sales , September 22 2014

The world of retail, whether it be on the high street or online, and mobile technology go hand in hand. Now more than ever before, consumers turn...

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Closing the skills gap

, September 18 2014

Depending on which online resources you read, the skills gap is either real or it isn't. At Wranx, we're of the belief that the skills gap, a term...

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Product knowledge training using a little-known brain hack

Sales, Product Knowledge , September 16 2014

Know what you sell, sell what you know.Every sales guru in the world will tell you the same thing: Your sales staff will do better if they know...

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The evolution of mobile learning

Mobile Learning , September 13 2014

Mobile learning in the workplace is the future. In the next ten years, mobile learning will not be considered a choice, but a necessary mode of...

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Sales team training - The 5 challenges of training a mobile team

Mobile Learning, Sales , September 10 2014

Sales team training is a long-term investment with a number of challenges that multi-national corporations, SMEs, start-ups, sales directors,...

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The 7 habits of inspirational L&D professionals

Corporate Training , August 29 2014

Highly effective Learning and Development professionals have seven habits which define the learning process within an organisation. The habits are...

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How to engage the modern employee

Corporate Training , August 14 2014

For quite some time, classroom training has been the preferred teaching method for most learning institutions. Children enter this environment on...

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How to inspire a culture of learning

Corporate Training , August 03 2014

Organisations that value learning will outperform those that don't. Or, at least, that's what many people believe. At Wranx, we're of the opinion...

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Continuous learning is the goal of 70:20:10

Corporate Training , July 25 2014

The 70:20:10 model for learning and development originates from research carried out in the 1980s. In the 1994 book Career Architect Development...

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