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Can e-learning 'build the bridge' across the UK's productivity gap?

E-learning , June 07 2016

Productivity in the UK is a notoriously slow moving beast, particularly in recent years. According to the Office for National Statistics,...

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The benefits of e-learning can ensure that training is a part of work, and not apart from work

E-learning , June 01 2016

Picture this, if you will.

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Onwards and upwards: E-learning market size set to grow by up to 5% in the coming years

E-learning , May 24 2016

As more and more organisations embrace e-learning as a valuable tool for growth, the market size shows no signs of slowing down. It could easily...

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Project Griffin: What benefits could e-learning bring to emergency training?

E-learning , May 20 2016

Plans have been announced for an extra one million workers based in crowded city centre areas, and sports and entertainment venues to receive ...

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Top 10 considerations when selecting e-learning

E-learning , March 23 2016

Classroom-based training may well feel familiar to most employees while also providing members of staff with a chance to network and have a day...

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Join us at Learning Technologies 2016!

E-learning, Uncategorized , January 29 2016

3-4 February

Olympia, London

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What the future holds for e-learning

E-learning , January 07 2016

Despite the fact that the term e-learning was coined in 1999, the roots of machine-based teaching can actually be traced backed decades before...

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How do we measure the effectiveness of e-learning?

E-learning, Analytics , November 18 2015

In spite of the powerful and potent advantages that e-learning can provide, several businesses remain sceptical and believe traditional training...

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The benefits of translating e-learning courses

E-learning, Health and Safety , October 08 2015

Thanks to the truly global nature of the Internet and the rapid advancement of technology, it is possible for any business regardless of its size...

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