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How the gamification of learning can benefit your business

Do you know what gamification in business is? As a specialist term, many people will not have come across it before, but the vast majority of us...

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Spaced repetition, gamification and microlearning: a glossary of terms

E-learning has done a huge amount to reduce the cost of training for businesses, make it easier for them to deliver and make it more convenient...

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It’s all in the game: Gamification for business

Gamification, Compliance , July 20 2017

We all love to play. We like to win, we need to achieve, and to move forward. These are simple, fundamental human emotions. Simple, but also...

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Video gamers have the skills to pay the bills

Gamification , March 29 2017

Gamers are part of a large and diverse community. They come in all shapes and sizes, (as well as both sexes). People who enjoy playing video games...

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Gamification in education - what’s in it for students?

Gamification , December 14 2016

We all know about gamification, it has been around for some time now. The world of Learning and Development knows gamification well. They’re like...

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'Don't worry, it's only a game.' It's more fun to compete

Gamification , June 15 2016

We all know one. We've all got one. They're everywhere. A family member or friend, so obsessed with their lifelong passion, their all encompassing...

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Driving employee engagement through gamified training: Next level or game over?

Gamification , May 27 2016

So. You're an organisation, a company. You have employees, and they need training. You've invested in the training, and rolled it out across the...

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Gamification for employees: how it can engage & motivate

Gamification , March 30 2016

Bringing the promise of more engaged and motivated employees, gamification sounds like the answer to every organisation’s training problems....

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Gamification for business can tie in with workplace incentive programs

Gamification , March 07 2016

Along with a weekly wage or monthly salary, your employer may also have some sort of incentive program in place to keep you happy and motivated at...

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Why gamification is a vital tool in e-learning

Gamification , October 14 2015

Owing to the fact technology is now an integral part of society and something we couldn’t possibly do without, it is no real surprise to see that ...

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