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How to transition from formal training to a more blended, digital approach

In the modern age of rapid technological developments, it’s important for businesses to adopt a method of employee training that is fast-paced and...

Best practices to effectively onboard contact centre staff

Why is onboarding important?

We are not a competitor; we are your differentiator

Expand the value of the training you deliver.

The importance of active recall

Are you wondering why after training, you are unable to recall what you have just learnt? Adam Robinson, author of  What Smart Students Know said:...

Why is knowledge retention important in business?

Have you ever walked out of a training session and realised you’ve already forgotten some of the information you were told? If you think not,...

How to evaluate training effectiveness

Training is a key part of any organisation. It doesn’t just enable employees to do their job, but it plays a role in determining how productive...

Developing product knowledge training through microlearning

Your company might have great salespeople, but if they don’t know their stuff about your products or services then you’re not going to make sales...

What is the best way to learn?

According to neuroscience, the brain learns in two ways: