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Measuring the ROI of sales training

Sales , March 16 2015

Conducting and carrying out sales training is a common tactic used by a variety of businesses to improve bottom line performance. In addition to...

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3 ways to improve your technical sales training

Sales, Corporate Training , November 21 2014

At the end of the day, the majority of companies are hugely reliant on sales to achieve success. If you don’t generate sufficient turnover and...

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People buy from people with great product knowledge training

Sales, Product Knowledge , October 07 2014

Irrespective of the customer’s circumstances or buying environment, purchase decisions and the sales process can be a long drawn out affair....

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Corporate sales training - a fresh approach

Sales, Corporate Training , October 03 2014

Let’s be honest for a minute. If you let your staff know they’ve got a corporate sales training course coming up, chances are they won’t be overly...

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Stop talking and listen - unlocking the secret to increased sales

Sales , September 30 2014

What is a sure fire way to improve your sales performance? Reduce the price? Include an incentive to sweeten the deal? Encourage staff to up-sell?...

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Retail sales training via mobile

Sales , September 22 2014

The world of retail, whether it be on the high street or online, and mobile technology go hand in hand. Now more than ever before, consumers turn...

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Product knowledge training using a little-known brain hack

Sales, Product Knowledge , September 16 2014

Know what you sell, sell what you know.Every sales guru in the world will tell you the same thing: Your sales staff will do better if they know...

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Sales team training - The 5 challenges of training a mobile team

Mobile Learning, Sales , September 10 2014

Sales team training is a long-term investment with a number of challenges that multi-national corporations, SMEs, start-ups, sales directors,...

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