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Is your retail training enhancing employee performance?

 Employee training is an incredibly important investment. According to Training Magazine‚Äôs 2018 Training Industry Report, training expenditures in...

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Measure employee learning performance effectively with Wranx Analytics

News, Analytics , February 15 2018

Part of what can make Wranx so powerful for organisations are the learning principles on which it is based, like Spaced Repetition and Certainty...

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Measure training effectiveness to prove e-learning is valuable to sales

Interviews, Analytics , January 31 2018

An interview with Deborah Bees, Matrix

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How do we measure the effectiveness of e-learning?

E-learning, Analytics , November 18 2015

In spite of the powerful and potent advantages that e-learning can provide, several businesses remain sceptical and believe traditional training...

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How to measure the effectiveness of your training

Best Practice, Analytics , October 31 2014

Despite the changing economic environment in recent years, it seems like a great deal of businesses remain committed to learning and development....

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