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Keep on keepin’ on - the benefits of overlearning

Learning something new takes time, enthusiasm and, above all, practice. The more practice the better and that means repetition. We perfect our...

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Interleaved learning - the new spice of life

Best Practice, Trends , March 15 2017

Interleaved learning - many people aren’t familiar with the term, yet it is by no means a new development. It was first described as varied or...

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 How to remember not to forget with Spaced Repetition

Best Practice, Spaced Repetition , March 01 2017

We know that we all absorb knowledge in different ways, and at differing rates. We have individual methods that help us assess and filter...

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What colour is your personality? Targeted training for 'The Palette Of Personalities.'

Best Practice, Learning Technology , January 25 2017

The training needs of organisations are many and various. With so many variables, the hunt is always on for a responsive, reactive method which...

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Overriding the overload of our work time

Best Practice , December 07 2016

Before you read this, ask yourself….have you got the time? Are you reading it because you want to or because you have to? Or are you reading it...

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Leadership - whose job? What job? When?

Best Practice, Uncategorized , November 30 2016

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other

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Lifelong learning: the need to keep on keeping on

Best Practice , November 23 2016

We live to learn, just as we learn to live.

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The Seinfeld effect – maintaining the chain to the brain

Best Practice , November 02 2016

Yep. You read that right. Seinfeld. Jerry Seinfeld, the American comedian. A man with obvious and valuable advice for those in Learning and...

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70:20:10 model – experience, exposure and education

Best Practice , July 20 2016

How do we learn? When do we learn? And why? Why do organisations need their people to learn? And what do they want them to learn? Where? How...

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