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How to exceed customer expectations and improve satisfaction in retail

The customer experience is a customer’s perception of how a company treats them. These perceptions affect their behavior and drives their loyalty....

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How to maintain health, safety and security standards in retail

The retail sector is a significant contributor to the UK economy, employing approximately 4.9 million people and generating £406 billion in sales...

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Developing product knowledge training through microlearning

Your company might have great salespeople, but if they don’t know their stuff about your products or services then you’re not going to make sales...

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5 tips to create a smarter sales team with e-learning

Sales , November 09 2015

Any good salesperson will possess the ability to give you a smooth pitch about their product or service, answer any questions in a professional...

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Sales training: what's better than a freebie?

Sales , June 25 2015

It is fair to say that some organisations have a negative opinion of sales training. In addition the money it costs, not all members of staff will...

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How to teach consultative selling

Sales , June 18 2015

For those who haven’t heard of the term before, consultative selling is when a salesperson acts as a consultant to prospects, asking questions...

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The importance of hotel sales training

Sales , June 08 2015

As opposed to organisations such as automotive dealerships, real estate agents and retail outlets, hotels are in the business of selling...

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The key to international sales success

Sales , June 04 2015

Due to single marketplaces made possible by national governments as well as the extensive and influential nature of the Internet, we are now...

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Medical Device Sales Training: What is the right strategy?

Sales , June 01 2015

You would think that because medical products and devices are sold with the best intentions and provide essential assistance to countless...

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