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Why is knowledge retention important in business?

Have you ever walked out of a training session and realised you’ve already forgotten some of the information you were told? If you think not,...

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It's not just spaced repetition with Wranx - It's personal

Spaced Repetition , April 23 2018

It’s interesting how some people you know have the most remarkable memory. But how are they able to retain so much information and recall with...

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Spaced repetition, gamification and microlearning: a glossary of terms

E-learning has done a huge amount to reduce the cost of training for businesses, make it easier for them to deliver and make it more convenient...

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What is spaced repetition learning?

Spaced Repetition , July 28 2017

If you’ve read much about employee learning of late, you’ll likely have heard about spaced repetition. It’s something of an ‘in thing’ where...

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Keep on keepin’ on - the benefits of overlearning

Learning something new takes time, enthusiasm and, above all, practice. The more practice the better and that means repetition. We perfect our...

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 How to remember not to forget with Spaced Repetition

Best Practice, Spaced Repetition , March 01 2017

We know that we all absorb knowledge in different ways, and at differing rates. We have individual methods that help us assess and filter...

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Little and often - the thought behind Spaced Repetition

Spaced Repetition , January 27 2017

Many people think that the teaching technique known as spaced repetition, which has gained more and more traction over recent years with language...

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The art of bite-sized learning

Spaced Repetition , May 13 2016

Astonishing and incredible yet irregular and unpredictable at the same time, the human memory is a funny thing.

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The science behind spaced repetition

Spaced Repetition , May 11 2016

In order to drill new information or knowledge into your brain, you do not need to cram for hours on end the night before a test or listen...

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What is the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve?

Spaced Repetition , April 26 2016

You might think that the teaching technique known as spaced repetition, which has gained more and more traction over the past few years with...

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