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Wranx appears on TrainingZONE

Read our blog about spaced repetition learning for apprentices on L&D website, TrainingZONE.

Wranx at Learning Technologies 2016


Learning Technologies was a great kick start to February and the Wranx team had a great time at the exhibition.

Join us at Learning Technologies 2016!

3-4 February

Olympia, London

The dos and don'ts of competency based learning

With most training courses, employees will attend en masse, attempt to acquire stacks of new skills or expertise, and then be tested at the end of...

What do modern day learners want?

In a world where we have access to highly advanced, fast moving technologies, learners do not have the time or inclination to sit down in a...

What makes an ideal leader?

In order to be a good leader, there are several attributes one must exhibit. These include the ability to delegate, strong communication skills,...

Why having fun at work is important

At a fairly young age, the vast majority of us had to decide what we wanted to do for a career. But choosing certain subjects at school and opting...

5 reasons you should be talking about employee engagement

Regardless of an organisation’s size or sector, employee satisfaction is incredibly important. Although each member of staff will be motivated by...

Training taboos you should break

In order to get ahead in the world of business, most companies will have to stand out from the crowd and do something different. More often that...