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Our five favourite exhibits from the museum of failure

Uncategorized , June 14 2017

Each and every day we find ourselves engaging with other people’s great ideas. We marvel at the simplicity of an idea and how well it works. We...

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The age old question…Who’s your favourite educational psychologist?

Uncategorized , May 17 2017

How many times have you sat with friends at a barbecue, relaxing in the sun with a cold drink, enjoying each other’s company when the inevitable...

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Leadership - whose job? What job? When?

Best Practice, Uncategorized , November 30 2016

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other

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The future worker

Uncategorized , September 28 2016

We find ourselves in the second half of the second decade of the second millennium in recorded history. That's a lot of seconds. And how time...

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Tipping the iceberg of behaviour change

Uncategorized , September 21 2016

In an increasingly competitive corporate world, businesses and organisations recognise the need to create and build a common behavioural standard...

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Employee retention – modern solutions to slow the revolving door…..

Uncategorized , August 10 2016

The revolving door spins ever quicker, round and round, relentless and unforgiving. People come, and people go. It's often a challenge for...

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On the job learning – breaking out of the great confinement

Uncategorized , August 03 2016

We live in a different world to the world we lived in last week. Different to the one we'll occupy next week. The business world evolves at such a...

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The learning journey – we're on the road to somewhere….

Uncategorized , July 27 2016

All businesses, we know, have a need for training. All should recognise the need for investing in their people. From SMEs and start ups to global...

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Maintaining employee engagement: New solutions for an old problem

Uncategorized , June 09 2016

Its the age old question, the age old issue. The question of employee engagement, the why, and the how.

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