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How the gamification of learning can benefit your business

Do you know what gamification in business is? As a specialist term, many people will not have come across it before, but the vast majority of us...

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A change is gonna come: Rippling the waters of corporate learning

Corporate Training , July 26 2017

Corporate learning professionals are facing the impact of a wind of change. The way we learn, and the way we think about the way we learn, is...

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Rebooting the boss - the need for digital skills in the boardroom

Here in the world of e-learning, we talk of the rise in the workforce of millennials and how they react and interact with technology. We discuss...

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New Year, new budget - “Can we afford to train?”

Corporate Training , December 21 2016

2016, a year not without its challenges, it must be said. A year which demonstrated so clearly how quickly and fluidly our world now moves, and...

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Why your business needs a continuous learning environment

Corporate Training , January 13 2016

A few years ago when the US had high rates of unemployment, there was a strong suggestion that this was not due to a lack of jobs, but rather a...

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Is assessment a top priority for learning and development?

Corporate Training, Assessments , December 17 2015

It seems like an obvious point to make, but why bother putting your employees through training if they don’t learn anything or develop new skills?...

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Doing corporate e-learning the right way

Corporate Training , September 03 2015

Despite the fact that numerous companies still prefer traditional methods of training such as classroom-based teaching, the modern alternatives...

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The latest trend for corporate e-learning

Corporate Training , July 16 2015

Despite the fact some organisations used to be somewhat sceptical about adopting e-learning for training purposes, the progressive capabilities of...

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Finding the right training service for your employees

Corporate Training , June 15 2015

It is understandable why any business would want to puts its workforce through training. From increasing their product knowledge and business...

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