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The must-see speakers at DevLearn 2019!

E-learning, Microlearning, DevLearn , August 14 2019

This October, the Wranx Team will be attending the 15th anniversary of the DevLearn exhibition and conference in Las Vegas! 

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Learning in a digital age: What innovations and trends could impact your business?

Technology is continuing to improve and has shown to be a leading cause of disruption in business over the recent years. Businesses are slowly...

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The benefits of taking your training digital

By implementing a digital training programme, you are helping to future-proof your organisation by ensuring your workforce remains knowledgeable...

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Infographic: How to prepare your workforce for the future

Moving towards the future, corporate businesses are witnessing how quickly the work environment is evolving and the implementation of new...

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How to prepare your workforce for the future

Rapid changes in technology mean that the work environment is constantly evolving and organisations have to prepare for, and embrace, a digital...

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How to transition from formal training to a more blended, digital approach

In the modern age of rapid technological developments, it’s important for businesses to adopt a method of employee training that is fast-paced and...

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Annual user and client survey results! (2018)

Spaced Repetition, Microlearning , April 17 2019

Each year, we conduct an annual user and client survey in order to collect feedback surrounding our platform and service. After running the...

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Meeting customer and regulatory expectations in contact centres

E-learning, Microlearning, Compliance , February 27 2019

Like any business, contact centres have specific regulations and expectations to adhere to, from both a legal and a customer service perspective.

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An interview with HomeAway

HomeAway is a vacation rental marketplace with more than 1,000,000 rental listings in 190 countries. Founded in 2005, the company is now part of...

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