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5 tips to create a smarter sales team with e-learning

Sales , November 09 2015

Any good salesperson will possess the ability to give you a smooth pitch about their product or service, answer any questions in a professional...

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What makes an ideal leader?

Uncategorized , November 05 2015

In order to be a good leader, there are several attributes one must exhibit. These include the ability to delegate, strong communication skills,...

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Why gamification is a vital tool in e-learning

Gamification , October 14 2015

Owing to the fact technology is now an integral part of society and something we couldn’t possibly do without, it is no real surprise to see that ...

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The benefits of translating e-learning courses

E-learning, Health and Safety , October 08 2015

Thanks to the truly global nature of the Internet and the rapid advancement of technology, it is possible for any business regardless of its size...

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How, when, and why did microlearning become so popular?

Microlearning , October 05 2015

In many respects, the theory behind microlearning is not a new one. As a matter of fact, it has been a legitimate learning technique for quite...

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Which learning solution is right for you?

Best Practice , October 01 2015

No matter what industry your organisation occupies or how many members of staff you employ, training can afford extensive advantages. But while...

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What Wikipedia can't tell you about gamification

Gamification , September 07 2015

Be honest, how many times have you conducted a search on Google for a piece of information about someone or something and ended up on Wikipedia?...

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Doing corporate e-learning the right way

Corporate Training , September 03 2015

Despite the fact that numerous companies still prefer traditional methods of training such as classroom-based teaching, the modern alternatives...

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Why having fun at work is important

Uncategorized , August 31 2015

At a fairly young age, the vast majority of us had to decide what we wanted to do for a career. But choosing certain subjects at school and opting...

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5 reasons you should be talking about employee engagement

Uncategorized , August 27 2015

Regardless of an organisation’s size or sector, employee satisfaction is incredibly important. Although each member of staff will be motivated by...

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