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Wranx at Learning Technologies 2016

Uncategorized , February 19 2016

Learning Technologies was a great kick start to February and the Wranx team had a great time at the exhibition.

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Join us at Learning Technologies 2016!

E-learning, Uncategorized , January 29 2016

3-4 February

Olympia, London

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Why your business needs a continuous learning environment

Corporate Training , January 13 2016

A few years ago when the US had high rates of unemployment, there was a strong suggestion that this was not due to a lack of jobs, but rather a...

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What the future holds for e-learning

E-learning , January 07 2016

Despite the fact that the term e-learning was coined in 1999, the roots of machine-based teaching can actually be traced backed decades before...

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The dos and don'ts of competency based learning

Uncategorized, Health and Safety , January 05 2016

With most training courses, employees will attend en masse, attempt to acquire stacks of new skills or expertise, and then be tested at the end of...

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How to create a great content strategy for mobile

Mobile Learning , December 29 2015

One of the reasons why e-learning took a little bit of time to be accepted as a genuine training solution is because it introduced new and novel...

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What do modern day learners want?

Uncategorized , December 22 2015

In a world where we have access to highly advanced, fast moving technologies, learners do not have the time or inclination to sit down in a...

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Is assessment a top priority for learning and development?

Corporate Training , December 17 2015

It seems like an obvious point to make, but why bother putting your employees through training if they don’t learn anything or develop new skills?...

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How do we measure the effectiveness of e-learning?

E-learning , November 18 2015

In spite of the powerful and potent advantages that e-learning can provide, several businesses remain sceptical and believe traditional training...

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Will Generation Y change the way we learn?

, November 12 2015

On account of the fact that classroom-based teaching no longer provides sufficient stimulation for employees at corporate training, different ways...

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