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Closing the feedback loop: Managing the performance of performance management

Best Practice , June 29 2016

Performance Management. Just the mention of the words brings a heaviness to the heart, and a long sigh to many. The face to face method of...

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The 2015 CIPD Survey: Lessons to be learned

Learning Technology , June 22 2016


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“Don't worry, it's only a game”: It's more fun to compete

Gamification , June 15 2016

We all know one. We've all got one. They're everywhere. A family member or friend, so obsessed with their lifelong passion, their all encompassing...

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Maintaining employee engagement: New solutions for an old problem

Uncategorized , June 09 2016

Its the age old question, the age old issue. The question of employee engagement, the why, and the how.

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Can e-learning 'build the bridge' across the UK's productivity gap?

E-learning , June 07 2016

Productivity in the UK is a notoriously slow moving beast, particularly in recent years. According to the Office for National Statistics,...

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The benefits of e-learning can ensure that training is a part of work, and not apart from work.

E-learning , June 01 2016

Picture this, if you will.

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Driving employee engagement through gamified training: Next level or game over?

Gamification , May 27 2016

So. You're an organisation, a company. You have employees, and they need training. You've invested in the training, and rolled it out across the...

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Onwards and upwards: Elearning market size set to grow by up to 5% in the coming years

E-learning , May 24 2016

As more and more organisations embrace e-learning as a valuable tool for growth, the market size shows no signs of slowing down. It could easily...

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Project Griffin: What benefits could e-learning bring to emergency training?

E-learning , May 20 2016

Plans have been announced for an extra one million workers based in crowded city centre areas, and sports and entertainment venues to receive ...

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The art of bite-sized learning

Spaced Repetition , May 13 2016

Astonishing and incredible yet irregular and unpredictable at the same time, the human memory is a funny thing.

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