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Bridging the gender gap: how InnovateHer are making a difference

The gender gap within the STEM sector is a significant issue at the moment, with women being underrepresented in science, technology, engineering...

How to build a killer sales team

Few functions in a business have as direct an effect on its bottom line as sales. The more you sell, the bigger your revenues and profits. This...

Measure employee learning performance effectively with Wranx Analytics

Part of what can make Wranx so powerful for organisations are the learning principles on which it is based, like Spaced Repetition and Certainty...

A look back at Learning Technologies 2018

It was just over a week ago that we sponsored and exhibited at Learning Technologies 2018 and what a busy two days it was! Now that we’ve...

PRESS RELEASE: Gateshead College partners with Wranx to deliver Functional Skills training

Gateshead College, rated by Ofsted as Outstanding in 2015, has partnered with Wranx to collaborate on a new delivery method for Functional Skills...

E-learning for salespeople cuts down the levels of product complexity

An interview with Jeff Philips, Donnelly Financial Solutions

Measure training effectiveness to prove e-learning is valuable to sales

An interview with Deborah Bees, Matrix

Health and safety e-learning helps to develop the skills of employees

An interview with Lorenzo Alessi, Soletanche Freysssinet



How a blended learning and development programme caters to all

An interview with Chris Lorio, Vertex Pharmaceuticals