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What is the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve?

Spaced Repetition , April 26 2016

You might think that the teaching technique known as spaced repetition, which has gained more and more traction over the past few years with...

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How to improve the performance of your business and employees

Best Practice , April 21 2016

Businesses operating in the modern world have a multitude of technologies at their disposal to improve bottom-line performance. From cloud...

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What is the best way to learn?

Reinforcing Knowledge , April 19 2016

According to neuroscience, the brain learns in two ways:

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Gamification for employees: how it can engage & motivate

Gamification , March 30 2016

Bringing the promise of more engaged and motivated employees, gamification sounds like the answer to every organisation’s training problems....

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Top 10 considerations when selecting e-learning

E-learning , March 23 2016

Classroom-based training may well feel familiar to most employees while also providing members of staff with a chance to network and have a day...

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Wranx appears on trainingZONE

Uncategorized , March 18 2016

Read our blog about spaced repetition learning for apprentices on L&D website, trainingZONE.

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The rise of mobile

Mobile Learning , March 17 2016

Ever since the advent of the Internet and the proliferation of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, the way we access and acquire new...

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Top tips for learning professionals when looking at new learning technologies

Learning Technology , March 14 2016

Over the past few years, both educational institutions and corporate enterprises have been given access to an increasing number of learning...

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Is classroom training a dying art?

, March 10 2016

Looking back at your experience of school, what did you enjoy the most? For many, it will be meeting lifelong friends, having plenty of laughs in...

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How gamification can collaborate with workplace incentive programs

Gamification , March 07 2016

Along with a weekly wage or monthly salary, your employer may also have some sort of incentive program in place to keep you happy and motivated at...

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