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The future worker

Uncategorized , September 28 2016

We find ourselves in the second half of the second decade of the second millennium in recorded history. That's a lot of seconds. And how time...

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Tipping the iceberg of behaviour change

Uncategorized , September 21 2016

In an increasingly competitive corporate world, businesses and organisations recognise the need to create and build a common behavioural standard...

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Learning trends: the evolution of a revolution

Trends , September 14 2016

We live in changing times, a constant state of flux supported and fed by technological developments. The world turns, constantly changing, and...

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Wranx shortlisted for Learning Technologies Awards

News , September 07 2016

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for The Learning Technologies Awards!

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Learning at the moment of need – the time is always now

Learning Technology , August 17 2016

So much to learn, so little time, and so many methods of learning. The formal. The informal. Learning in the here and now. The list goes on, and...

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Employee retention – modern solutions to slow the revolving door…..

Uncategorized , August 10 2016

The revolving door spins ever quicker, round and round, relentless and unforgiving. People come, and people go. It's often a challenge for...

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On the job learning – breaking out of the great confinement

Uncategorized , August 03 2016

We live in a different world to the world we lived in last week. Different to the one we'll occupy next week. The business world evolves at such a...

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The learning journey – we're on the road to somewhere….

Uncategorized , July 27 2016

All businesses, we know, have a need for training. All should recognise the need for investing in their people. From SMEs and start ups to global...

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70:20:10 Model – Experience, Exposure and Education

Best Practice , July 20 2016

How do we learn? When do we learn? And why? Why do organisations need their people to learn? And what do they want them to learn? Where? How...

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Opportunity knocks for training providers with the announcement of the Apprentice Levy

News , July 13 2016

An exciting opportunity presents itself next year for Learning and Development providers, in the shape of the UK Government's announcement of the...

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