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The importance of Learning and Development to drive more turnover

Interviews , January 31 2018

An interview with Sam Lee,  Alan Howard Group

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Wranx is sponsoring Learning Technologies 2018!

Learning Technologies , January 15 2018

Do you know how fast information travels in the brain? It’s 268 miles per hour. If you’re attending Learning Technologies at the end of this...

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Three techniques for effective health and safety employee training

Health and Safety , December 07 2017

It goes without saying that health and safety is more of an issue for some organisations than for others. It’s fair to say that your average...

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Can micro- & e-learning help with continuing professional development?

Microlearning, E-learning , December 07 2017

With a few exceptions, training is not something that should be done once and not revisited. Generally speaking, it should be carried out...

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How can e-learning platforms use Certainty Based Marking?

E-learning, Certainty Based Marking , November 16 2017

As an alternative to traditional multiple-choice assessment, Certainty Based Marking (CBM) helps employees to learn in a more confident,...

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What is GDPR and what do you need to know?

Trends, Compliance , November 13 2017

If your organisation deals with data from people living in the EU, it’s going to have to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation...

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What e-learning features are needed for effective training assessment?

Learning Technology, Assessments , November 10 2017

For organisations that are keen to develop their employees, it’s important to know how to evaluate training effectiveness. Being able to do so...

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How e-learning platforms can show training effectiveness

E-learning , November 08 2017

We recently looked at how organisations can evaluate training effectiveness by covering Professor Donald Kirkpatrick’s four levels of evaluation:

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Make learning easier with the Wranx mobile app for Android and iOS

Mobile Learning , October 25 2017

Following our introduction of Certainty Based Marking to the Wranx platform, we’re pleased to say that the platform is now available as a mobile...

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How to evaluate training effectiveness

E-learning, Reinforcing Knowledge , October 18 2017

Training is a key part of any organisation. It doesn’t just enable employees to do their job, but it plays a role in determining how productive...

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